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Foodie Calls

Panama lemons from my garden… for limoncello, which I’ll be making another batch soon!

Ok.. the lemon peels are in the vodka, simple syrup is made.. I will have limoncello in time to take to the beach for Byron’s birthday.  I used Giada’s recipe on Food Network.. added a little less sugar and more lemons…The knobby ones are much more tart than the smooth lemons.  My friend Jim & Diane have been experimenting with limoncello’s also.  A tasting in the making !!!

The limoncello  you make yourself does not have all the preservatives in it, but you must keep refrigerated.  You can also mix this with club soda for a refreshing cocktail or as Jim does… mix with a little bubbly !!!

Make a batch for yourself .  YUM !!!


Comments on: "Foodie Calls" (2)

  1. Yummmmmm… reminds me of the limoncello we had in Italy. I kick myself for not bringing any home. It’s just not the same here…. Guess I’lll have to come to Panama to try yours!!

  2. Kim Hansen said:

    I love Lemon! This sounds refreshing! And that one looks pretty exotic! Is it larger than most?

    Happy Birthday to Byron!!!

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