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Playa Coronado

coronado and WOW January 002

View looking from the top floor towards Boquete

After a brief trip to Panama City, we needed some sand, sun and surf, so we checked out the Coronado Bay Resort and Solarium.  Coronado is about 1.5 hours from Panama City and is the first destination for many from all over the US, Canada and Panamanians escaping the city on weekends.  This was our first stop four years ago when we started our process of locating a destination that we loved.  Coronado offers many grocery stores, shops and restaurants, not to mention the fresh fish coming in every day and the beautiful beaches with gold and black sparkles. Coronado has a large expat community from all over the world and a fun happy hour at Picasso’s every Wednesday. We arrived just in time to make the happy hour and loved meeting new friends, discussing moving experiences with others while sharing a pizza and vino. The views from the top floor of the Coronado Bay are stunning.

Byron's Birthday & such 051

View from the top floor looking towards Gorgona and PC

coronado and WOW January 003

Byron taking a cool dip in the pool

One of the pools is located on the top floor of Coronado Bay where we spent many hours relaxing and enjoying the day. Most days it was only a hand full of people sunning… but got busy on the weekends.  The second pool is located right on the ocean and can be seen from my suite.

Byron's Birthday & such 041

Ocean Side Pool

Coronado has many great condo’s for sale or rent and great shopping at the new boutique grocery store Riba Smith.  The Rey,  Super 99, Machetazo and Organcia are all located close together for all your foodie needs.  Speaking of food…

One of our favorite restaurants is Luna Rossa offering homemade Italian food….pasta, pizza, seafood and much more. The new owners have over 30 years experience in Italy and the US. We actually dined there 3 times and loved our dinner and service each time. They were kind enough to put together a special birthday dessert sampler platter for Byron and we had one of our favorite wines, Glorioso… a  wonderful Rioja from Spain, light, dry and perfect for any occasion.

Byron's Birthday & such 063

One of our favorite wines

I know it has been a while since my last post, but wanted to share Coronado with you.  I now have three friends that have moved to Coronado from Boquete.  I will be making many trips to see them.   Cheers to living the dream every day in Panama.


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  1. OMG OMG we cannot believe we are here and perhaps one of the three friends you refer to!!! Has only been 1 week, we love it tremendously and as Nelson says, let’s steal from their post shamelessly as we try to describe this to our friends, here and in Canada!! Looking forward to drinks with you at Picassos. Love Helene & Nelson xo

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