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Coffee Tour in Boquete

Roasting Coffee

We have been enjoying the fabulous fresh roasted gourmet coffee in Boquete, Panama for well over 4 years.  I am embarrassed to say this is our first actual tour of a coffee finca. At the end of the tour we roasted our own coffee.  I can still smell the wonderful robust scent.  There are many coffee finca’s in the area and yes , we do try them all. Most mornings I wake to coffee roasting at Cafe Ruiz, just a few blocks from my house. We are so lucky to be drinking fresh roasted organic coffee daily.  The coffee harvest is December through May depending on the area of Boquete where the finca is located.

Today, we are spending our morning with Rich at Finca Dos Jefe’s leaning about the history of coffee and Rich’s entertaining journey.  In 2003 Rich from California purchased the 7 acre abandoned coffee farm and brought it to life with lots of hard work and help from other coffee farmers and friends.  What a beautiful setting.

View of Baru from Finca Dos Jefes

Finca Dos Jefes organic farming is done in alliance with the lunar calendar and phases of the moon along with the hand picked tradition.  Hence the name of the coffee… cafe de la luna

Byron at Finca Dos Jefes

We tasted 3 different roasts… light, medium and dark.  We loved discussing the flavors and characteristics of each, but decided we would take home the medium roast.  The longer the bean roasts, the richer the coffee.

coffee cupping

After  the tour, tasting, discussions and laughter,  we toasted to our morning at Finca Dos Jefes with a cool beverage.  Cheers to more coffee drinking in Boquete.

Byron, Jim, Dede and Rich… Jim was our official roaster…




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