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Boca Chica Yacht Trip

The Boca Chica Plantation Club & Resort Pool

What a wonderful trip and adventure !! We started our trip at the Boca Chica Plantation Resort poolside with 3 other couples.  The drive was about 2 hours from Boquete. We arrived at 1:00 with plenty of time to enjoy the pool, views of the ocean and the mountains. Byron was first, taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Happy Hour treats of  wine, beer, and snacks were served on the patio.  Claudia, the manager was a delight and made us feel very welcome.   Our dinner of fresh grilled fish, chicken and pork chops along with chocolate brownies & ice cream were prepared with much love and care. We retired early in the luxurious king size bed for a great nights sleep.   What a treat and a perfect weekend getaway!

Byron enjoying the pool

The next morning, after a wonderful breakfast, we headed to The Boca Chica marina to meet Larry & Dottie and board their 57 foot Fleming Yacht.  We had plenty of room on board with 2 staterooms and 2 bathrooms and tons of deck for sunning or just hanging out.  Dottie captained the Yacht to the Gamez Island where we anchored for the day and enjoyed the beach along with a fabulous lunch. We located many interesting shell treasures, coconuts and two gals from the US that were camping.  Camping would certainly be a little too primitive for me.

The boys...John, Byron, Larry and Jim anchored at the Gamez Island

Dottie and Diane

Needless to say, I would certainly purchase this trip again and support the Bid 4 Boquete Auction, even though I am not a big boating person. The costs for the trip was $200 per couple which did not include the nights stay at The Plantation Resort. The Auction raised over $65,000 for 4 different local charities.  Larry and Dottie were wonderful hosts, and all my new Boquete friends made me laugh and smile all day with their stories. A good time was had by all.

Larry, Dottie & Byron

Larry, Dottie & Byron


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