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Tuesday’s in Boquete

Tuesday mornings we get up early, load the suv with all my scentilating candles, soaps, lotions and goodies to sell at the local market in Boquete along with 30 plus other vendors.  Our first stop is coffee, then off to visit with  friends and make our purchases. The beautiful organic produce varies from week to week depending on what is in season ….lemons, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, bok choy, carrots, ginger, arugula and this week saril.   We had no idea about saril, but supposedly makes great tea , reduces wrinkles, lowers blood pressure, boosts the  immune system and protects against infections, Who wouldn’t try this.  My next project is processing and making this wonderful tea.

The Tuesday Market is a mecca for cottage industries.  Granny’s Sausage, Sausage Dave as we refer to them is a father and son team making wonderful breakfast sausage, italian sausage and now bacon.  We ordered 3 lbs of bacon that is being smoked and will be ready Friday for pick up. Tuesday breakfast  is always fun.  The hardest part is deciding on which treat… sausage & biscuit, homemade biscotti, breads, muffins, tamales, soups, bbq or  grilled chicken skewers  to mention a few.

Cloud Forest Botanicals, a small herbal business makes amazing  skin care creams and herbal tinctures.  We use a couple of the products and are anxious to learn more about their benefits . CFB offers a tour at their Finca Luz  and we will be taking that as soon as we get back from Panama City.  Several of the Panamanian’s display their lovely handcrafted jewelry of silver, beads, and colored threads.

Scentilating is always there sharing our wonderful products with the community and visitors from around the world.  Just this week we chatted with people from France, Canada, Texas, Phoenix and Australia about living and moving to Panama.  You know us… we do love to share our stories.  Everyone is eager to help and offer advice about relocating or which restaurant to try.   A different speaker is scheduled each week covering topics about Panama, local traditions, US taxes, real estate, farming, coffee and even bread making.

We have many talented artists in Boquete. Some  display at the market and others do special events such as Girls & Gab or private showings. Dell & Barbara make polymer clay jewelry at the Blue Door Art Studio and Robyn of Robyn Cole Artworks makes her bling bowls and encaustic wax paintings.   We have developed several friendships with artists and vendors at the Tuesday Market and we always look forward to checking out their new creations.  


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  1. Jeanette Stout said:

    Dede, Sorry we didn’t get to meet you when we were in Boquete. We went to the market and to the speaker on the Tuesday Morning meeting, we felt a little lost not knowing anyone there but looked like a happy group of people. Stopped in at Robyn’s studio and had a quick visit and got to see her masterpiece that she was making for the Library, would love to have seen it in place.

    We had a great trip when we were there and we went to the same beach that you were at, after seeing the surfer’s on your blog we decided to go down for the day. Met a really nice gentleman in the resort and he took us thru his condo. We actually really liked the beach alot more than we thought we would. I think we would like to come back and spend about a month there. Came back with a lot of mixed feelings. Things are working themselves out some here and we feel like we need to stay in Oregon as long as my husband can stay busy building, I am still working too, so for now I think we are going to come back every year and try to check things out more, we are just going to see where the next year or two takes us. We agreed that if we didn’t move there completely that we would love to spend two to three months a year there. We spent five nights in PC and had a great time there too. Enjoying your blog, keep it up. Jeanette

    • Hey Jeanette.. Who’s condo did you visit? I wish you would have looked us up. Most of the folks there knew us and could locate us quickly. Stay in touch and thanks for the comments.

  2. Hey there–Yes, we love our Tuesdays! I don’t get off the mountain much, so for me it is a great chance to say hi to friends and meet new people–as well as sell our Cloud Forest Botanicals. Thanks for the plug, Dede! Unsolicited compliments are the best

    Our tours are going very well. We had 7 people visit yesterday and another 8 are coming tomorrow–everyone really enjoys the experience. Our Trip Advisor Reviews are really, really great.

    Hope to see you an Byron for a glass (or two?) of wine…maybe this Friday? Let me confer with the Supreme Ruler!


  3. Patricia Basden said:

    Hi Dede and Byron, I read your entire listing and loved every word of it! I compare your life and emotions now with how it was 2 years ago. What a complete turnaround. Did you ever think this would happen?

    I’m so proud and pleased for you both – you have fantastic talents and drive.

    Love you,


  4. Becki Avery/Kirk Veer said:

    DeDe, just looked at your blog. Really interesting to read and relive our vacation by looking at your pictures. I look forward to following you guys!
    Becki and Kirk from Indiana.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. It is truly a work in progress. Look for the upcoming Panama City and Trump Tower, as well as Foodie Call recipes and events…. When were you in Panama?
      dede & byron

      • Becki Avery/Kirk Veer said:

        We were down at Los Olas during your stay for Bryon’s birthday. We were at the pool when Mike and Molly were looking at the condo. Remember – I had your name wrong. I am sorry about that.
        We live in northern Indiana. I wish we had your weather now!
        Becki and Kirk

  5. Yes.. I remember you.. We will be headed back to Las Olas in May. Just hung out in Pedragal Marina one afternoon …lunch, wine and buying some fresh fish for dinner… Stay in touch…
    FB… deletia dede basden
    and of couse, i will be posting on my blog. Living the dream every day….

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