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Playa La Barqueta Surfers

We are having the most wonderful time at the beach for Byron’s birthday.  Many of our friends have joined us to share in the celebration.  Every morning we watch the amazing surfers paddle out , sit patiently waiting for the perfect wave, ride it in to shore and paddle back.  This goes on for hours and I never tire of watching these atheletes.   As  I watch the guys, I think about the surf lessons Byron took in Cabo a few years back.  After an hour on the beach learning to jump up on the board, he headed out to catch a wave,  as we all watched from the local bar.  He did make a couple of nice rides on the waves after many attempts.  Perhaps Byron will give surfing another try in Panama !  La Barqueta is 18 miles of beach on the Pacific ocean and about a 30 minute drive from David, Panama.


Comments on: "Playa La Barqueta Surfers" (3)

  1. I know you guys are having a fabulous birthday WEEK! Love the photos and commentary! Keep it up!!

  2. Cindy Freckman said:

    Is that photo of Byron riding the wave? that’s awesome!

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