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Hot Trends for 2012. Pickling .. My grandmother canned all of her fruits and vegetables from the garden and  placed in the cellar every year, a process that is way too time intensive for me.   After some reseach online I came up with an asian inspired recipe with rice wine vinegar, as well as apple cider vinegar base. I want a fresh crisp veggie, not the kind that sits on the supermarket shelf.  Simple is best.   My first priority was pickled ginger.  You can find plenty of pickled ginger in Dallas but not in Boquete.  I  chopped carrots, ginger, garlic, onions, added peppercorns for another jar. For the 3rd jar I used cucumbers, onions, garlic and ginger.  Then I  moved to the apple cider vinegar for a couple of variations of jalepenos, carrots, purple onion, garlic and orange peppers.  All five jars are resting in the refrigerator for a week.  They look and smell amazing.


Comments on: "Test Kitchen… pickled veggies" (3)

  1. Yummmmmm..and these look so pretty! Do let us know how they taste……. and maybe share the recipe?

  2. Those look wonderful, Dede. I haven’t tried pickling, but have done a lot of jam and jelly making with local fruits and the raspadura sugar (gives everything a deep rich sweetness). Let us know how the pickles turn out. Very nice blog.

  3. Kim Hansen said:

    DeDe and Byron,

    This looks and sounds scrumptious!  Wow, I’m so impressed! Both of my grandmothers (God rest their souls) canned as well. One covered the fruits and veggies, fresh from her garden and the other made the best jams and jellies from her garden and fruit trees. They both grew herbs, one probably had some “exotic plants”, as she was 1/2 Cherokee Indian. They both made fresh salsa and canned that too.

    Having grown up in Arkansas, I thought everyone had a garden, but found out that this was not the case.

    What I like about what you’ve done is how you are putting the asian spin in yours; keeping it fresh, crisp and simple. I just love the one with red onion and jalapeño peppers. Yum, yum! They are works of art!!! But then again, every thing you do is so beautiful and creative. Panama has been good for you.

    I’m excited about this site and the ability to leave a comment.  Thanks for sharing!

    Please let me know if you move into canning those baby corn stocks?  I was always fascinated as a kid to see those. And it seemed that canning made the natural colors Pop!

    I know you and Byron have been busy with this task. He is such a wonderful Gardener and Sous Chef.  What tunes have you two been jammin to while canning? Do share?  We want to share the experience from afar. 

    I’m working on getting Sue to join me for a trip to come and see you two!!!

    With love from Dallas,


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