Cheers to our adventures and journey.

The Beach

Thursday was date day so we decide to take a trip to the closest beach to Boquete. We packed some clothes, wine, snacks and headed out.   Las Olas on the Pacific ocean is about 1 1/2 hours from our house.  We travelled through David and then  small fincas looking for the ocean.  The signage was very good and we had no problems finding the hotel, hoping they had a room.  After we checked in, we took a long walk on the  deserted 18 mile black sand beach with shiny gold streaks .  We were  pleasantly surprised how beautiful it is.  We checked out Benny’s bar & restaurant , the fabulous homes lining the beach and even ventured into one being built that was incredible.  Many of you know that we love the beach and we had forgotten just how much.  The amazing sunset while sipping wine was perfect.  Naturally, we met some great folks and chatted with them about their journey from Alaska to Panama.  So our next outing will be for Byron’s birthday.  We will be renting a condo on the beach and sharing it with some of our new friends from Boquete.  There are 42 units right on the beach and we had an opportunity to preview a couple and look at some for sale.    We are ready for fun and sun at Las Olas !!!


Comments on: "The Beach" (5)

  1. This gives me inner peace just reading this and seeing you back on the beach

  2. Aline Dudash said:

    So happy for you and Byron. Sighhh, and I must admit, I wish I was there. Seriously, sounds like you are really enjoying life, and that is what it’s all about. Looking forward to hearing more of your daily adventures. Happy New Year to you both!

  3. Alison Shumaker said:

    Awesome blog guys! The beach looks fabulous…..have a great time for B’s birthday!

  4. Aren’t we fortunate to live in Panama. Mike and I are living the dream right along with you,

  5. Great blog. And thanks for sharing my artwork with your readers. Continue the good work! Barbara

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