Cheers to our adventures and journey.


January 1, 2012

The first day of the new year.  We can not believe it is here already.  We moved to Boquete,Panama from Dallas in August and the time has flown by.  We have made lots of new friends and been on many new adventures.  We have always dreamed of retiring early and living close to the beach.  After many years of research and 4 years of visiting Panama, here we are.  We have the beautiful mountains with the cool climate and many unspoiled beaches and islands to discover.

This is our first blog so please join us on our journey and many adventures in Panama and the surrounding countries.


Comments on: "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012" (2)

  1. Karen Granade said:

    YEAH! I’m so glad to see your first post on your new blog! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing!) more of your adventures!!!

  2. Wow… you won’t believe this, but I JUST looking at flights to Panama! Under $200 from Tampa! My first open month without travel is May. It’s a thought! SOOOOO excited you’re doing this blog. Thanks to KG because I KNOW she was instrumental! Hugs!

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